Designer. Writer. Editor.

My name is Daniel Brount, and I’m a book designer and aspiring young adult author.


Ever since I was a little kid, my life has been focused on stories. My imagination ran endlessly with the books I read, the games I made up with my friends, and the worlds I crafted in my head. This love for stories never died, transforming to a love for journalism and book publishing. In high school and college, I led the school newspapers and pursued book publishing internships in New York City. After graduating with a creative writing degree from Ball State University, I began my career with a position in newspaper design in Austin, Texas. Shortly after that, I returned to NYC and switched from journalism to book publishing with a job as a Production and Editorial Assistant. Now, I’m designing book covers and interiors as a Production Designer.

Unsurprisingly, I’m a big reader and spend most of my time lost in books. When I’m not doing that, you can find me streaming TV shows, listening to pop and R&B music, playing videogames, or out exploring with friends.

To get to know me more, follow me on Twitter, or connect with me onĀ LinkedIn.

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