With the #DiverseBookBloggers hashtag gaining traction on Twitter, we at 100storyreviews.com want to ensure readers are able to find a variety of diverse book bloggers all in one place.

Learn more about the hashtag by checking out our Storify.

If you are interested in being included on our list of #DiverseBookBloggers, send us a link and a short description of your blog in one of the following ways:

What is a diverse book blogger? #DiverseBookBloggers co-founder @_diversebooks lists the following criteria in his blog post “A Call To All #DiverseBookBloggers.”

  • #DiverseBookBloggers are not white, straight, cisgendered, able-bodied bloggers who write predominantly about authors of that same description.
  • They ideally blog about #ownvoices authors and advocate diverse reading habits for all. This includes white bloggers who write about diverse literature regularly.
  • They find themselves in the LGBTQ+ spectrum or are people with disabilities and blog about books that represent them when possible.
  • The hashtag more generally includes any person who is LGBTQIA+, a person of color, or a person with a disability who also is a book blogger. But diverse reading is preferred.

The list below will be updated as we hear from more diverse book bloggers.


Books And Strips: In addition to reviewing a variety of book genres and comics, this blog has Femme Friday posts celebrating female characters, authors, books, and more. Follow on Twitter @VickyJones7.

Books ft. Politics: Finding the politics in the greatest and/or latest fiction and non-fiction. Follow on Twitter @demelzagriff95.

The Book Satchel: This blog includes reviews of books across genres, but instead of just featuring books, it also has a section with snippets of short stories. Follow on Twitter @thebooksatchel.

Brown Books & Green Tea: This blog is steeped in critical analysis of diverse literature and tea. Follow on Twitter @BBandGT.

Building Diverse Bookshelves: With a goal of adding diversity to bookshelves, this blog is committed to reviewing at least one book by an author of color or marginalized author each week.

The Englishist: The Englishist is a book and teaching blog. While book reviews span genre, the blog primarily focuses on realistic YA lit. Follow on Twitter @englishist.

Priya’s Lit Blog: Priya’s blog focuses on reviewing diverse children’s lit. Follow on Twitter .

Les Reveries de Rowena: This blog has a variety of posts ranging from reviews of diverse lit to discussions of diversity. Follow on Twitter @RowenaMonde.

Read Diverse Books: Read Diverse Books is committed to reviewing, discussing, and promoting books written by or about people of color and other marginalized voices. Follow on Twitter @_diversebooks.

Rethinking Children’s and Young Adult Literature: Rethinking Kid Lit is a digital interactive literary magazine and blog that focuses on social justice in children’s and young adult literature. @BallState professors and students produce it. Follow on Twitter .

The Shrinkette: A mixture of book reviews and book posts from an India-born book nerd, behavior analyst, intersectional feminist, Whovian, recluse, and Scotch pundit. Follow on Twitter @TheShrinkette.

Stitch’s Media Mix: This blog focuses on diversity in YA lit, romance, and fantasy genres, but also discusses fandom, comic books, and comic book related media. A monthly series called Urban Fantasy 101 explores intersectionality and diversity fails in urban fantasy and paranormal romance. Follow on Twitter @stichomancery.

Take Me Away: This blog comes from a diverse librarian who reviews diverse books of all kinds with a focus on MG and YA. Follow on Twitter @TakeMeAway02.

The Reading Desk: This diverse book blogger reads a variety of genres, but she focuses on literary fiction, crime fiction, science fiction, fantasy, and YA fiction. Follow on Twitter .

100 Story Reviews: With a focus on diverse lit, this blog includes book reviews and posts about young adult lit, fantasy, sci-fi, and memoir. Follow on Twitter @100storyreviews.

14 thoughts on “#DiverseBookBloggers

  1. Hey! Found this thanks to Janani. Could you please add me? My blog: the reading desk.wordpress.com.


  2. Hi there!

    My name is Zina! I tend to write about diversity in YA lit, romance, and fantasy genres (specifically on intersectional feminism, queer representation, and race). I also talk a ton about fandom, comic books, and comic book related media. Additionally, I have a monthly series called Urban Fantasy 101 that looks at intersectionality and diversity fails in the Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance genres.

    My main blog is Stitch’s Media Mix (stitchmediamix.com/blog) but I also tweet about diversity, literature, and fandom on my twitter account (@stichomancery)


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