Five Reasons to Read Diverse Books


Last week we asked our followers why they read diverse books.

We wanted to know why diverse books are important to readers. We wanted to know why the world needs more diverse literature. Thanks to our followers, here are five good reasons to read diverse books.

1. Reading Inspires Empathy

Reading is about empathy. Diverse literature can teach you how to empathize with different kinds of people.

Oftentimes diverse lit will explore characters that we don’t quite understand, but by reading about these characters, we can find a way to empathize with who they are. Not only does this help us understand characters, but it also helps us empathize with other people.

Diverse literature opens us up to other voices and other stories; the more we read, the more of these voices we hear. Our world is full of diverse people, so our libraries should be full of diverse people too.

2. You Can Find Yourself in a Book

Sometimes it is difficult to find characters that represent who we are in literature. Some characters might come close, but not everyone can find a character they can fully relate to.

With more exposure to diverse literature, we find more characters and have a greater chance of discovering a connection with one.

And, sometimes, all we want is to see ourselves reflected in a book’s pages.

3. Help Promote the Publishing of More Diverse Books

If you’re part of a diverse community, the best way to push for more literature about your community is to promote the literature that already exists.

By spreading the word about these books from diverse authors featuring marginalized voices, we help ensure that more stories will be told. We help prove that there are more stories and more truths than we’ve ever realized.

When we promote diverse lit, we promote the idea that there isn’t just one universal story.

4. Open Yourself Up to a New World of Books

Sometimes reading diverse lit is simply about finding something new. There are so many books outside the traditional literary canon, so many voices outside the typical straight, white male narrator. By reading diverse literature, you add an infinite amount of new narratives and new books to your bookshelf.

There are so many perspectives to explore. By opening up to this new world of books, you open your eyes to seeing the world in a different way. There’s no reason to limit yourself when there are so many stories and characters and settings you’ve yet to experience.

5. Be a Part of a Movement

The push for diverse books is only beginning. We can help breathe even more life into this movement. Each voice amplifies a book’s reach. By talking about diverse lit, you can help magnify its impact, giving others the chance to read it and helping more diverse lit be made.

Reading can make us better allies. Reading can make us better people. The world needs more diverse books, more diverse book bloggers, more diverse readers.

So Get Reading!

Thank you to all of our followers for sharing your thoughts. Hopefully by now, you know why reading diverse lit is so important. But, if you’re not convinced yet, we have one more answer to the question: Why do you read diverse lit?


If you’re looking for diverse book recommendations, check out our diverse lit reviews category, or visit our #DiverseBookBloggers page to learn about more bloggers who promote diverse books.

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