New Look, New Content


Since starting 100 Story Reviews seven months ago, I’ve reviewed dozens of books, gotten to know the book blogging community, and witnessed the start of the #DiverseBookBloggers hashtag. The blog started with a Twitter, and now it also has a Facebook and Instagram. I’ve loved seeing it expand, and I’ve loved growing as a reader and writer. But lately I’ve started to miss writing about TV. That led to a whole lot of thinking … and a bunch of planned changes.

New Look


The website’s original design.

If you’ve visited 100 Story Reviews before, you’ve likely noticed the design overhaul. The website needed a refresh. This change sprung from planned content additions, but was also the result of the previous design’s shortcomings. The original design failed to showcase a variety of content. The home page showed the most recent review, and that was it. You could scroll down for more, but it’s unlikely all viewers will do that. With this new design, readers will instantly see several posts. Hopefully this entices visitors to look at more content! Another major change is switching from a vertical navigation bar to a horizontal one. This was an easy, practical change.

Overall, this design is more appealing, it’s cleaner, and it makes more sense. Plus, I like it a lot better. I hope you all do too! I’m still working on some nav changes and other tweaks, but right now you can get the gist of the blog’s new style.

New Content

The biggest change in content: I’m adding a TV section. When I worked for my college newspaper, I took on pretty much every position possible. But one of the things I enjoyed most was writing TV reviews. Ever since I graduated, I’ve missed that. So why not add TV to 100 Story? I’m excited to offer more varied content and to write about different media.

What kind of TV content should you expect?

  • Reviews of TV shows and episodes
  • Posts about new shows premiering each season
  • Posts about diverse shows and characters (Diversity will be a priority with TV content too!)
  • Rankings of TV shows and characters

Another content change: moving beyond reviews. So far I’ve had a couple non-review posts (#DiverseBookBloggers and Five Reasons to Read Diverse Books), and I’ve enjoyed writing them. Expect listicles, rankings, rants, etc. Along with that, I still plan on posting at least one book review per week.


Nav bar plans: easily find book and TV content!

But what if you hate TV or books? (If you hate either, I’m questioning your life choices.) In that case, the site will have tabs for the different sections. Just want to see book content? Click “Books” on the navigation bar. Don’t like reading? Click “TV” on the nav bar. Once I start adding new content, I’ll make sure it’s easy for you to find what you want to read.

New Life

I’d be remiss if I left out the changes coming in my life, because they will absolutely have an impact on the site. I graduated from Ball State University in May of this year, and I finally have a full-time job. I’m moving to Texas to start the job this month.

illinois-to-texasSo how will my full-time job impact the site? We’ll all find out together. I’m committed to setting time aside for 100 Story Reviews, so I can promise that content will keep coming. But we never know what’s going to happen in life. That means if you see me vanish from the Internet for a week, you can assume I’m deep in a hole of being-an-adult-with-a-full-time-job life.

I’m also hoping to be more active with Twitter and blog hopping. The plan right now is to set up a couple blog visiting times each week. The support from all of my fellow book bloggers means the world to me, so I want to do my best to support you all more! 

Thanks again for all the support! If you have any questions, let me know. I’m happy to talk about it all, and I’m eager to get started with these changes!


One thought on “New Look, New Content

  1. The site looks great! I am happy to hear about your expansion into TV (such a hot topic right now with streaming) and into non-review posts. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts on a variety of different topics!

    Liked by 1 person

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