Gatehouse Media Center for News & Design

In September 2016, I started working at Gatehouse Media’s Center for News & Design in Austin, Texas. As a page designer and copy editor, design pages for multiple newspapers, primarily for the features sections, and proof pages prior to final publication. Click the tiles to see the pages in full.

The Ball State Daily News

I started as a designer for The Ball State Daily News in Fall of 2012. Since then I have designed numerous pages, including several A1s. In the 2014 Columbia Scholastic Press Association competition, I won a first place Gold Circle Award in Photo Layout: Full Page. In the same competition the following year, I placed second in Page One Design and third in Feature Page Design. In the Indiana Collegiate Press Association’s 2016 competition, I placed second in Page One Design.

White Paper DesignWhite Paper

In a professional writing class at Ball State, I worked with several others to produce an in-depth digital research paper on BuzzFeed. In addition to writing and researching, I was in charge of the design of the final product. Take a look at the final BuzzFeed White Paper.

The Digital Literature Review

During my junior year at Ball State, I served as Design Editor of The Digital Literature Review. In addition to helping produce our website’s wireframe and working on a few of its other design elements, I also designed the entire 117-page academic research journal.

Other Design Work

I have designed for several publications and organizations, including The Broken Plate, The Odyssey, Ball Bearings, and the Ball State English Department. In addition, I designed my personal branding and resume. When I write, I also often design my work. Take a look at some of these designs below.

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